The login information for the designer is user admin and password admin.


this is a 27 Mb zip file that can be using on windows, linux and MacOS. It requires Java 1.6 or later to be installed

Download FO Designer (1.6.3) (zip file)

  • Windows: execute run.bat
  • Ubuntu:
  • MacOS: double click on  j4lFODesigner.jar

Note about windows Vista and windows 7: if you experience problems with permissions after unzipping the file you can either run the designer as administrator or unzip the designer in a directory where you have full read/write access. You can also use the windows installer below. In case of trouble please see startup directions in our user guide.


Windows installer

If you prefer to use a windows installer, you can download the FOP Server and FOP Designer 1.6 here. This is the kind of installation you would need in a team work environment.

And follow the installation directions here and the startup directions in our User Guide.