XSL-FO Designer for Apache FOP

Note: The login information for the designer Database is user admin and password admin.

Designer 2.16 (New in November 2021)

Download FO Designer for Windows.
It includes Java VM 1.8
(unzip it in a empty directory and execute fodesigner.exe) 

Download FO Designer for Mac OS
Warning! if you get the error "unable to locate its companion shared library" you need to run the command "xattr -c fodesigner.app" before starting the program. Note Java 1.8 required.

Download FO Designer for Linux (Ubuntu)
Java VM not included. Java 1.8 must be installed in order to run the program. Unzip it in a empty directory and execute fodesigner  If you have other java versions installed you can enforce Java 1.8 by editing the file fodesigner.ini and adding the following lines before -vmargs


New features highlights of the last months:
  • Persist Xpath dialog location and size
  • Batch of documents, page number restarted for each new Report Header
  • Fine tunning of row and column markers possitions. Dimensions section
  • Multilanguage support
  • Formatting options for numeric fields
  • Attach XML file in PDF
  • Table frame object
  • Migration tool for existing XSL-FO files
  • Use of external XSLT files
  • Conditional rows
  • Marker functionalities for dynamic headers and footers
  • Report creation assistant
  • Local version history
  • Report trace functionality.
  • Excel output.
  • Box border object. Support for rounded borders.
  • Fine tuning of field position and size.
  • Fixed position areas.
  • Memo fields
  • PDF protection (Cloud server)
  • HTML Fields
  • Reusable templates