XSL-FO Designer for Apache FOP

Version 2.16 - November 2021

  • Alternate background colors for areas
  • Default font setting
  • Shortcuts help

Version 2.15 - December 2020

  • Fine tuning of row and column markers positions. Dimensions section
  • Check standard functionalities when exporting to Apache FOP server type
  • Area border type, top or bottom open
  • Split string, fixed position
  • Batch of documents, page number restarted for each new Report Header
  • Perists Xpath dialog location and size
  • Overflow and wrapping options in fields
  • New flag, do not output field if empty is missing or empty
  • Fix rotation field 90 degrees

Version 2.14 - March 2020

  • New functionality: Multilanguage support
  • New functionality: Formatting options for numeric fields
  • Command file for installing user defined functions on the designer
  • Usability: PDF files generated within the designer will inherited the project name (can be disabled in the preferences)
  • Usability: FO Designer will store the last exported FO file name and directory

2.13.1 - September 2019

  • allow more than 5 masters
  • allow small font sizes ( 1 to 5)
  • fixed keep-together in area , use keep-together.within-page instead

2.13 - July 2019

  • Attach XML file in PDF
  • PDF metadata fields
  • PDF mode

2.12 - April 2019

  • Added TTF support for Interactive Forms
  • Upgraded PDFBox libraries
  • Hierarchy of fields in Interactive Forms
  • Fix right margin of report

2.11.1 - March 2019

  • fix for forms

2.11 - March 2019

  • table frame object

2.10.1 - November 2018

  • button for Excel generation in the designer
  • different page sizes and layout for masters
  • OpenJDK JRE OpenJ9 included in the distribution

2.10 - November 2018

  • add migration tool for existing xslfo files
  • add reusable xsl templates
  • allow areas to have height = 0. If an area has height 0, it has to be selected using the outline windows to be able to resize it

2.9.1 - August 2018

  • add condition Xpath for table-rows (RowMarkers)
  • fix import of legacy reports with more than one master
  • fix input field with constant value

2.9 - August 2018

  • improved tracing capabilities for finding XSL or XSLFO error locations
  • new marker functionalities for dynamic headers and footers
  • fix area border selection list

2.8.3 - July 2018

  • added conditions to report masters
  • fix constant image files when testing in the designer. The image path must use / also in windows

2.8.2 - June 2018

  • add item in outline context menu for moving areas positions
  • wrap long text in XPath dialog
  • XPath dialog resizable
  • fix input fields in groups and subdetail areas

2.8.1 - June 2018

  • new report assistant
  • fix pdf forms borders

2.8.0 - May 2018

  • local history of reports, in catastrophe case you can go back to an older version
  • local history settings in the preferences page
  • set utf-8 encoding for Server requests
  • fix forms border

2.7.0 - April 2018

  • added Report Analyzer feature
  • fix manual change of dimensions (reports cannot be opened after saving)
  • change tool tip of the export FO button
  • fix loops in XPath dialog

2.6.0 - April 2018

  • Excel output on cloud server
  • added border box object to the palette
  • added name property for line and markers
  • update field dimensions and position in the properties
  • pretty format FO Code window
  • fix compatibility fixed field area and fixed object height
  • fix compatibility fixed field area and column markers
  • fix error if free code (not cell type) is in empty cell

2.5.0 - March 2018

  • added fix field positions for areas
  • added page break after X repetition of areas
  • added spinning button to fine positioning and sizing of fields
  • added scaling of background images
  • added embedding of background images, no file system required anymore
  • page footer, page header and report footer can be made invisible
  • fix encoding for inhouse J4LFOPServer
  • Fix justify alignment in memo fields
  • fix send to front/back
  • fix custom page size setting

2.4.0 - Jan/Feb 2018

  • PDF protection functionality (for Cloud FOP Server)
  • Fixes for memo fields
  • Fixes for subtotal reference field

2.3.0 - Jan/Feb 2018

  • License key format changed
  • Support for remote cloud testing 
  • License information in exported xsl-fo
  • Sending emails from the designer
  • Preferences pages reorganized
  • New program icons and splash screen
  • Fixed response reading bug when using remote PDF server
  • Added progress window for remote PDF rendering
  • Use of Java 1.8 VM
  • Support for HTTPS

2.2.0 - Jan 2018

  • Support for templates (reusable reports)
  • Support for HTML fields (formatted long text fields)
  • Support for Memo fields
  • Support for variables (placeholders in long text fields)
  • Version for Mac OS

2.1.0 - Dec 2017

  • Allow deletion of row markers in header areas. Required for imported legacy report
  • New example report with 2 columns
  • Added 2 additional field for grouping
  • Added local grouping flag
  • Advanced settings in area objects
  • Initialization code in the report
  • New example PersonKey , keys and variable examples
  • Documentation for the use of key and variables
  • Use of condition in flavour tab when there is only one flavour. In this case it is like making the field conditional
  • Description of subversion installation on java4less.com
  • New menu item "Select all"
  • Add documentation field in the reports properties
  • Fix area border type combo box
  • Allow row markers in header areas
  • Fix display problem when inserting new areas
  • Set row height flag in areas (allow areas to shrink)
  • Added waiting cursor for long lasting operations
  • Document naming of files (reports and projects)
  • Added example server URL in the preferences window
  • Fix bug in xsl-fo output when there are no column markers and the area has subareas

2.0.0 Nov-2017

  • Major release based on the Eclipse Platform


  •  new preview tab
  •  new code tab 
  •  new free code field
  •  fixed minor problem selecting objects for resizing
  •  new menu item "select all" and "deselect all"
  •  fixed UI error while working with several selected objects 
  • undo option

  •  fix align to grid setting 
  •  fix save dialog for FO files

  •  fix constant image for Apex 


  •  fix for saving reports in UTF-8 charset 


  •  fix for APEX Listener, use xsl:stylesheet instead of xsl:transform


  • database for report templates and versioning
  • user/password protected
  • embedded constant images in xsl-fo
  • embedded dynamic images from source XML (base 64 encoded)
  • embedded chart definition, no need for reference to external file
  • support for opening PDF in default desktop reader
  • support for multiuser and team work environment with central database
  • support for webstart (automatic installation of client)

  • fix XPath for attributes

  • fix toArabic function


  • www links
  • background area with fixed (absolute position) texts
  • text rotation
  • vertical lines
  • content tables lines

  • add format to subtotal values
  • encode + sign in Sum function for Apex

  • fix Line (leader-length) for Apex
  • multi element field
  • fix "keep-together" functionality
  • formatDate function will ignore empty elements (empty string), instead of writting an error in the log
  • fix dragging of fields in landscape orientation
  • fix landscape orientation, field being cut on the right side

  • fix exception when creating fo/pdf file if field if higher than area.
  • Apex Server, fix error for Apex default layout "For fo:simple-page-master, fo:region-body must be declared before fo:region-before."
  • fix free J4LFOPServer, remove BOM bytes when uploading XML files to server
  • XSL-FO files for Apex option in setting windows. Solution for Apex not encoding special characters when calling the print server.
  • Picture object, align property
  • Picture object, new non-uniform scaling
  • Picture object, user defined FO attribute
  • fixed error when creating a schema from XML file whose name has a character like �, � or �.


  • fields flavours added
  • added properties to row and column markers
  • filename added to Apex server


  • fix TTF files support, new format of fopUserConfig.xml for FOP 0.95 or later
  • use defined function to support arabic text
  • new border type property
  • new user defined fo attributes for fields and comboboxes


  • support for preserve line feed in fields


  • fix, special characters in constant values: & , < , > , " and '
  • support for total number of pages <fo:page-number-citation ref-id="last-page"/>


  • Support for PDF interactive forms


  • improved landscape orientation
  • background images
  • running subtotals in page footer
  • fixed bold fonts


  • Support for several page masters (e.g. cover pages)


  • fix screen flickering in java 1.6.21 and later 


  • page break in areas only if the area exists
  • add function conditionalValue(value,condition)


  • added user functions
  • added functions in the xpath editor
  • added support for TTF fonts


  • new "Keep together" property in detail areas
  • add "remove NS" setting in the administration window


  • remove processing instruction node when loading test data


  • send email from APEX servlet
  • barcode new property "checksum"
  • support for RChart


  • Barcodes integrated into designer


  • Fix for Oracle APEX


  • Fix border-width and page bottom margin


  • Added "group-by" option


  • initial release