Oracle APEX is a web application development tool for Oracle databases. While most of the work is done on a web browser, when it comes to printing it relies on the generation of PDF files. These files a commonly created using an Apache FOP print server, either as standalone or embedded in the Oracle Data REST Services/APEX Listener.

The default print report layouts provided are table-like reports. In order to create a custom report you can however create your own layout using the XSL-FO language.

The tools

In this page you will find some tools that will assist you in the report development. Prices start at 45 EUR / 63 USD.

J4L APEX FO Designer

J4L FO Designer is a visual editor to create XSL-FO files to be used with APEX (version 3, 4 and 5). The benefits of FO Designer are:

  • No need to learn XSL-FO.
  • Compatible with Apache FOP and Oracle Data REST Services/Apex Listener.
  • Easy to use and learn.
  • Increased productivity througth integrated design and test environment.
  • Versioning system and team work enviroment
  • Additional features not provided by Apache FOP (see own print server)

A good starting point is the learn by doing tutorial in our User Guide.

J4L FOP Server

The J4L FOP Server is an standalone print server for Oracle APEX. This server is optional. The XSL-FO files generated by the designer will work on any APEX print server.

The benefits of our print server are:

  • easy to install on windows.
  • runs as a windows service.
  • it is used as a central repository of reports for team work.
  • provides additional features (see features below). Note the J4L FOP Server component can also be deployed inside your current web server or print server.