What is XSL-FO?

XSL-FO is a language for formatting XML data. In the case of Oracle APEX it is used for converting data to PDF files. Here you can find a good XSL-FO tutorial

What is Apache FOP?

Apache FOP is an engine that processes XSL-FO files. APEX sends the data to the print server in XML format and Apache FOP converts it to PDF.

What is the role of the J4L FO Designer?

The designer is a visual tool for creating XSL-FO files. You can use it without previous knowledge of XSL-FO. It has been developed for Apache FOP.

What features FOP are supported by the designer?

The most important features provided by the designer are:

  • Define colors, fonts, lines and frames.
  • Conversion of codes to descriptions.
  • Dynamically or statically add images.
  • "Group by" feature
  • Support for TTF fonts and national character sets
  • Support for several page masters (for example, cover page)
  • background images
  • running subtotals
  • flavours

What additional features are supported by the J4L FOP Printer?

The following features are available when using our print server or deploying our sever component inside your own web server:

  • PDF interactive forms.
  • Add 1D and 2D Barcodes (EAN, Code128, Code39, Datamatrix, PDF417, Aztec, QRCode , Maxicode and others).
  • Charts
  • Support for Arabic texts
  • User defined functions
  • add digital signature to PDF files

Do I have to use the FOP J4L Server as print server?

No, you have the following options:

  • Use APEX Listener
  • Use our own standalone server
  • Deploy our print server component in your current web server
  • Use your current print server, as long as it uses Apache FOP

What kind of support do you provide?

We provide free support and free updates during 6 months after purchase date. After that date you can get further support and updates for a reduced price.