XSL-FO Designer for Apache FOP

A Short introduction to XSL-FO and FOP

What is XSL-FO?

XSL-FO is a language for formatting XML data. In the case of Oracle APEX it is used for converting data to PDF files. Here you can find a good XSL-FO tutorial

What is Apache FOP?

Apache FOP is an engine that processes XSL-FO files. APEX sends the data to the print server in XML format and Apache FOP converts it to PDF.

What is the role of the J4L FO Designer?

The designer is a visual tool for creating XSL-FO files. You can use it without previous knowledge of XSL-FO. It has been developed for Apache FOP.

What additional features are supported by the J4L FOP ?

See here

Do I have to use the FOP J4L Server as print server?

No, you have the following options:

  • Use Oracle ORDS (*)
  • Use our own standalone server
  • Use our PDF generation service
  • Use your current print server, as long as it uses Apache FOP (*)

* In this case you cannot use the extended features